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MRDO is committed to build, strengthen and galvanize women & transgender person's collective power for a just and sustainable world – for all



Social attitudes, policies and decision making are only possible through the sustained demands and organized actions. Our scope of awareness encompasses the struggles in women’s personal lives for dignity, safety, equality and control of their bodies, as centrally as their shared organizing and leadership in public arenas. All our work is imbued with an understanding of the need to challenge and transform power relationships so that women and other socially isolated vulnerable groups can rise and flourish


We stand to defend the rights and interests of women and also uphold the equal value of all persons. We intend to transform inequalities shaped by race, ethnicity, class and income and mobilize women’s ability to feel empowered in all their ability irrespective of their age, location and other factors. We build community actions that are responsive to human rights urgencies and opportunities for action.


MRDO advocacy efforts reflect the diverse dreams, passion and power of women/girls, transgender people and other socially isolated groups acting for change. Advocacy activities are aimed at tapping into and mobilizing the power of women’s numbers and knowledge in order to influence and hold accountable the powerful institutions that make and enforce laws and distribute resources. We advocate for women/girls and transgender people but most importantly, we want to empower these groups to advocate for themselves.

Relief & Support
MRDO Provide to the vulnerable and Needy Peoples free Legal Aid and emergency relief (Foods and NFIs)

MRDO Organization

MRDO is born out of a need for information, activism and grass root organizing towards the empowerment of women and other socially isolated groups. MRDO works to empower communities towards improving their status which is essential for them in realizing their full potential of social, political and economic development. MRDO believes every individual despite their sexual orientation and gender identity should have the opportunity to shape their future by naming their hopes, aspirations and dreams. But too often, their voices are muted, suppressed and ignored. MRDO works to overcome the barriers silencing women/girls, Persons with Disabilities (PWD) & transgender.

Current Projects


FEMPOWER Pakistan 2020-2022.

The FEMPOWER aims to 1. Reinforce the demands of citizens especially women and civil society organizations for gender equality and inclusive democracy at various levels through awareness raising, capacity building, networking and conducting evidence based advocacy campaigns; 2 Strengthen active community women and female councilors to adopt rights-seeking behavior and assume leadership roles; 3. Extend technical support to elected and executive branches of government to promote and institutionalize gender equitable laws, policies & budgets; 4. Provide women and youth opportunities for self-expression and engagement in public debates around gender and other issues of discrimination; 5. Ensure greater access of women to gender-sensitized duty-bearers and media personnel.


“Promoting Diversity and Peaceful Coexistence among Faith Communities through Civil Society Collaboration".

The Christian Study Centre is working for peaceful co-existence with the prime focus on mutual cooperation, better understanding and strong bonding between the Christian and Muslim communities and with people of other faiths. Christian-Muslim dialogue is the key component of the Centre and no doubt, is the basis of its establishment. Along with this basic component. CSC starting a new project “Promoting Diversity and Peaceful Coexistence among Faith Communities through Civil Society Collaboration" 12 Districts of Pakistan through their District Partner Organization, in Mardan MRDO (Movement for Rural Development Organization) is the IP of CSC.